A headshot needs to be a striking photograph, and definitely a flattering image of you, but it also has to be capital ‘Y’ you, which is what my work is all about. I recently graduated from RADA as an actor, before which I worked as a photographer, so I understand this game from both angles. Even though we are performers, I know how unnerving it can be to try to present ‘yourself’ in front of a camera, and I do everything I can to put my subjects at ease and help to get the best out of them. My sessions are very relaxed and friendly (as well as tasty - we snack!) and they last as long as it takes to capture something we both feel excited about.

I work in natural light, which it as beautiful as it is honest (...!) and mostly indoors, because it’s comfortable and easy to control conditions. It is also nearer the kettle! I am happy to shoot outdoors if you’d like to. I live next to a quiet alleyway with a brick background, and down the road from some leafy options if that’s what you’re after.

After the shoot I create an online gallery that allows you to view all the photos as a contact sheet. I then re-touch 2 images of your choice and email the high resolution files to you. If you’re having trouble making a decision, I’m happy to create a mini gallery of about six shots with simple edits (ie. cropping and conversion to black and white) that will help you to compare your favourite images side by side. I don’t arrange prints myself, but if you need hard copies I would point you in the direction of Visualeyes, who I use myself.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Pricing is £200 per session. Extra shots £15 each.